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I offer counselling and psychotherapy.  What is the difference?

Counselling and psychotherapy are terms which tend to be interchangeable; they are both talking therapies.  Counselling is often used to describe a process where there is a single issue which you would like to talk about.  Psychotherapy may refer to therapy sought if you feel you have a more long standing concern. 

Everyone works with a psychological professional for different reasons unique to themselves.  Perhaps you have a curiousity about life and your place in the world and wonder why you think or act in a particular way.  You might feel that you can get more out of life and are looking for some help and support. It may be that you find that you are experiencing situations which are unhelpful to you which create feelings, both emotional and physical which are making you feel unwell.  

You may be feeling:-
You may be experiencing:-
Challenges in your relationship
Challenges in the workplace
Challenges in your home life
Grief and loss of a person or a place
Infertility and childlessness
Change in your personal circumstances
Change of life
Illness of yourself or a friend or relative

There are many approaches to counselling and psychotherapy; I find that integrating different theories gives more flexibility in the way we work together, perhaps identifying issues from the past which cause you distress, but also understanding how to move forward in your life in the knowledge that these events have taken place. 


Sometimes you just need somewhere where you can talk in confidence, where no-one will tell you what you 'should' or 'ought' to do, but listen to you and give you the opportunity to work things through.

My counselling practice is based in Wokingham RG41, Berkshire. Wokingham and Reading are within easy reach of Crowthorne, Sandhurst, Bracknell, Winnersh,Twyford, Maidenhead, Slough, Basingstoke, Camberley, Henley on Thames
It Helps to Talk ... Counselling in Berkshire for Wokingham and Reading for Crowthorne, Sandhurst, Bracknell, Winnersh, and Twyford.